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Finishes, Edges and Sinks


Finishes, Edges & Sinks

The style you hope to achieve


There are three different finishes available in our granite worktops, depending on the style you are hoping to achieve. These finishes are;


This is the most popular finish with its high gloss shine and deeper tones. The polished finish seals up the pores, so it is also the most stain resistant of finishes. A polished granite worktop repels moisture and, due to a more intense grinding and buffing, the imperfections in the stone are reduced to a significant extent.


Honed granite worktops attract those who are after an older, aged look. Honed worktops have a matte finish to them and a softer texture. Honed granites are more porous so they are more vulnerable to stains and scratches than polished granites.


With Antiqued, the surface is first made raw, after which the pores are closed again using a special technique. Antiqued granite worktops give the granite an undulating raised finish, the result of which is a magnificent authentic granite, applicable almost anywhere. Antiqued has particularly unique decorative qualities and, with its beautiful satin finish, is well suited in any modern design interior.

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We offer a full range of profiles on our granite worktops, so please contact us for details for your individual requirements.

The range of profiles we offer on our worktops include

• Chamfer
• Pencil Rounded
• Demi-Bullnose
• Ogee
• And More Examples Above


A Chamfer edge is a transitional edge between two faces of an object. A form of bevel, it is created at a 45° angle to two adjoining right angled faces.

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Pencil Rounded

A pencil rounded edge has a slight angular edge that rounds into the vertical surface of the stone. It is a very contemporary design and, due to its softer design, is comfortable to work on.

Demi Bullnose

The demi bullnose is a combination of a more contemporary flat bottom edge profile and the traditional full bullnose completely rounded style. It is easy to clean and its shape makes it resistant to impacts that may cause chipping.


An ogee edge is a worktop that features a sophisticated S-shaped curve. More expensive than other edges, they create a unique and appealing effect in many kitchen designs.


Your sink choice will fall into one of the four main sink categories, Inset Sink, Under Mounted Sink, Belfast/Butler Sink, and Silestone Integrity One & Duo Sinks.


An Inset Sink uses the most conventional method of installation. The sink centre is simply inserted into a prepared cut-out in your chosen worktop. A portion of the sink (the lip) overlaps the countertop to provide a covered edge.

If you would like to arrange a discussion, request a quote or some free samples, call us today on 02380 669300.

Under Mounted

An under mounted sink sits underneath the polished cut out in the Worktop. Dependent on the sink, this can either be fixed to the granite or sit in a wooden sub frame beneath the granite. There is an option to have either Drainage Grooves or a Recessed Drainer in the Worktop. These are a stylish and practical alternative to inset sinks, creating a continuous flow from the countertop to sink.


For a more traditional look a Belfast/Butler style sink is an option. Belfast sinks are typically deeper and feature overflows, whereas Butler sinks are not as deep and don’t have an overflow. These sinks are durable, easy to clean, and make a stand out feature in any kitchen.

Silestone Integrity One & Duo

The Silestone Integrity Sink is an innovative design that offers complete unity, functionality, and sophisticated style. Its seamless properties reduces weak areas or joints, and Silestone is non-porous, meaning it never needs to be sealed. These sinks are easy to clean and have a high scratch, stain, and heat resistance.

The Silestone Integrity Sink is available in various models. The Integrity One is a unique single quartz sink, in one piece. The Silestone Integrity Due is available in two sizes, small and large. A small is ideal for a double sink and the large is ideal for a large single sink.