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Here at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, our team of trained professionals offer a complete installation and fitting service for your new worktops. We know that your worktops are a precious investment and, therefore, should be handled with great care and responsibility.

Generally speaking, from our detailed and comprehensive templating service to final fitment is usually no longer than seven days. Essentially this means that, if we complete the templating on Monday, we will then return the following Monday for fitment and installation.

Whilst our team are very competent and will move the surfaces to the best of their abilities and with all due care and attention, there are limitations to what is achievable. Granite and stone, as you might imagine, is very dense and, therefore, very heavy. Naturally, this means that our team will work to fit your surfaces with the utmost skill and efficiency.

Getting a large granite worktop up a narrow, winding set of stairs can be more of a challenge when compared to getting it through the front door of a ground floor building and taking it through the property on the same level.

Each finish on the worktop means it needs to be handled slightly differently.

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Finishes can include:

• Polished
• Honed

• Antiqued
• And more

This is because granite and stone surfaces are very brittle, which means they cannot tolerate a lot of transverse sheer stress. Due to this factor, they cannot be laid or carried flat until they are properly supported by your kitchen units, which should be levelled to within a 3mm tolerance. This ensures appropriate and universal support for the entirety of the surface, so that it doesn’t crack or break apart under its own weight.

It is essential that we have ease of access into the building that you wish the work surfaces to be installed. Therefore, should you have any specific entry requirements, let our helpful team know beforehand so that we can make necessary preparations to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

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Making it simpler for you

It makes it substantially easier and safer if there is a dedicated driveway or hard stand-in outside your home that our vehicle can have access to. If the property is a new build, then it is usually advisable to wait until there is a driveway constructed before attempting to install the worktops.

Upon our visit to your property for templating, we will have the chance to take a look at the topography of the surrounding ground and the layout of the property. If anything changes in the time between templating and fitting, then please let us know in order to ensure the most efficient and effective fitting service from our team.

Solid slabs are more structurally sound that any slabs with cut outs, which are to accommodate faucets, sinks, and other fixtures in the room the surface is to be installed. The thinner areas of the slab that provide the gaps for the fixings create stress focus points, and the reduced material means that the structural strength is reduced.

In effect, this means that if your surfaces have cut outs, it is even more important that we have easy access to the area that is due for fitting. If there are any difficulties that present themselves during templating, then we will happily communicate with you, or the client, to arrange the most effective solution. In rare cases, we may need to hire extra personnel or specialist mechanical lifting equipment.

If you would like to arrange a discussion, request a quote or some free samples, call us today on 02380 669300.