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Kitchen Worktops Brighton

Are your kitchen worktops old and dated? Have you been thinking about upgrading your worktops but aren’t sure which company to work with? Well, if it is time to install brandnew kitchen worktops, Brighton clients, you have certainly come to the right place. Here at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we work with both granite and quartz, so are sure to have the perfect worktops for your home. To find out more about this service, please call us today on 02380 669300. 

Local Brighton Kitchen Worktops Specialists 

When it comes to investing in a new set of kitchen worktops, Brighton clients, it is important that you work with a professional and reliable company. The last thing you want is for your kitchen to be let down by shoddy worktops, but you won’t ever need to worry about that with Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd. We are specialists in the industry, and we have many years of experience in designing and creating the best granite and quartz worktops. 

Our team use both traditional skills and modern machinery to create kitchen worktops in Brighton that bring timeless beauty and luxury style to any kitchen. For the very best granite and quartz the world has to offer, we are the team you need to call. You can find out more about each material we offer below. 

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Granite is a material that boasts incredible strength and durability, withstanding years of usage without suffering any negative effects. This is indicated by the Mohs Hardness Scale, where it sits at around 6.5 – 7, with a steel knife sitting at 5 – 6.5. What this means is that your granite worktop will actually be harder than a steel knife, so it will be very hard to damage the surface. We always recommend using a chopping board, though.  

To create your Brighton kitchen worktops in granite, we use water jet technologydiamond wire and diamond saw blades. This is so we can cut the granite to incredibly accurate degrees, hewing the raw shape of your worktops from the original slab. After this, our expert team get to work refining and honing the slab into the polished finished product you will receive. 

Because granite is a natural product, you will find that no two worktops will be the same as no two slabs are the same. Inflections and mineral deposits within the stone give each slab its own unique look. However, depending on where the granite is quarried, it will contain certain characteristics such as hue and colour. Some of the many options we can provide include: 

  • Emerald Pearl 
  • Black Galaxy 
  • River Valley White 
  • Bianco Sardo 
  • Steel Grey 
  • Blue Pearl 



As with granite, you will find our quartz worktops to be strong and durable, again as indicated by the Mohs Hardness Scale. Quartz sits at roughly 7 on the scale, which makes it harder than a steel knife, meaning it will be very difficult to mark the surface. Again, we still recommend the use of a cutting board to ensure the longevity of your surfaces.

Our quartz kitchen worktops, Brighton clients, are made up of a combination of roughly 90% crushed natural quartz and then shaped and set using 8 – 10% resins, polymers, and pigments. It is the pigmentation that allows us to offer such a wide variety of colours. Plus, depending on how the quartz is ground, we can achieve different looks for your worktops.

For example, a finely ground quartz provides a smooth and consistent finish whereas coarsely ground quartz gives a flecked and textured appearance while still maintaining the smooth surface. Some of the many colour options we provide include Marengo, Miami White, Snowy Ibiza, Eternal Serena, and Ariel. Whatever option you go for, you will receive the highest quality kitchen worktops in Brighton.

If you would like to arrange a discussion, request a quote or some free samples, call us today on 02380 669300.

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Worktops, Brighton Clients? 

Welcome to Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, where we have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of highquality Brighton kitchen worktops. In this time, we have only gone from strengthtostrength, improving upon our services, becoming the go-to company. In fact, we have built up a solid client base over the years, with much of our work now coming to us through referrals. 

Don’t just take our word for it though; why not take a moment to browse through our testimonials page, where you will see a selection of glowing reviews from previous clients. Seeing how highly recommended we are should give you all the confidence you need to hire us to create your kitchen worktops, Brighton clients. 

If you require further convincing, however, why not take a look at our dedicated gallery page? On here, you will see some of our work from previous projects, showcasing our outstanding quality. Our workmanship should give you all the reassurance you need to invest in our kitchen worktops in Brighton. 

So, are you now ready to reach out regarding kitchen worktops, Brighton residents? If so, get in touch via one of the below contact methods. 

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