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Kitchen Worktops Reading 

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Have you been thinking about upgrading your kitchen worktops, Reading residents? If so, you will be searching for a company to manufacture durable and stunning worktops, which is where we come in. Here at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we can create beautiful and unique worktops for your kitchens. Simply give us a call today on 02380 669300 to find out more.


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It goes without saying that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home, whether you are passionate about cooking or simply see it as a necessity. As such, it is important that your kitchen’s décor reflect this, and a huge part of that is investing in quality kitchen worktops. Reading clients, we at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd manufacture and supply the highest quality granite and quartz worktops. Read on to find out more about each product.

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Granite is a widely popular choice when it comes to kitchen worktops in Reading as it is durable and highly aesthetic. In fact, on the Mohs hardness scale, granite sits between 6.5 and 7, whereas a steel knife sits between 5 and 6.5. This means that your granite surfaces will be harder than a steel knife, making them much more difficult to damage or mark.

In addition to their durability, granite worktops, Reading clients, hold superior aesthetic value too as it is a natural product with many variations available. No two worktops will be the same thanks to the sheer amount of granite types available, including:

  • Angolan Black
  • Bianco Sardo
  • Blue Pearl
  • Impala
  • Zimbabwe
  • River Valley White


As with granite, our quartz kitchen worktops in Reading will be extremely durable as they sit at around 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This is much higher than a steel knife, making quartz very hard to damage or mark. It is this durability that makes quartz such a popular choice for kitchens.

Reading, kitchen worktops made of quartz are actually made up of around 90% crushed natural quartz and shaped and set using 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. It is the availability of the pigmentation that gives us such a vast range of colours, such as Miami White, Snowy Ibiza, Eternal Serena, and more. Plus, depending on how the quartz is ground, we can achieve different finishes; smooth and consistent or flecked and textured.

If you would like to arrange a discussion, request a quote or some free samples, call us today on 02380 669300.

Pictures of the Best Kitchen Worktops Reading Can Get

In order to get a first-hand look at our stunning Reading kitchen worktops, take some time to go through our online gallery. These high-resolution images should give you all of the reassurance that you needed for choosing granite!

Kitchen Worktops Reading

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Worktops, Reading Clients?

Welcome to Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have only gone from strength to strength over the years, improving upon our services so as to leave all clients highly satisfied. This dedication has led to us becoming the go-to company for both granite and quartz kitchen worktops in Reading.

Much of our work now comes to us through recommendations and via word of mouth, which makes us very proud. Don’t just take our word for it though; browse through our testimonials page to read some of the positive reviews for yourself. We are confident you will understand why we are so highly regarded for kitchen worktops, Reading clients, once you do.

If you require further convincing that we are the team to hire for your Reading kitchen worktops, head to our gallery page. On here you will see a selection of images showcasing our workmanship and results.

So, are you now ready to reach out regarding kitchen worktops, Reading clients? If so, get in touch via one of the below contact methods.

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