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Here at Change of Style Granite and Stone Ltd, we have earned an impressive reputation for manufacturing granite and quartz worktops to the highest quality standards. Our worktops are designed to stand the test of time, and provide a level of durability that is unsurpassed. But that’s not all; our worktops are designed to be durable without sacrificing on aesthetics. These gorgeously designed worktops will make a perfect addition to any kitchen.

The whole process begins with our templating service. Once a template has been created, this will then be returned to our factory. Then, using your chosen material, your new worktops will be manufactured in accordance with the exacting template specifications. We are approved fabricators of worktops in both granite and quartz, and can guarantee exceptional results no matter what the requirements might be.

All granite and quartz worktops are manufactured using CNC machinery along with traditional craftsmanship. Such methods allow us to cut, shape and polish all worktops with incredible accuracy, thereby ensuring a professional finish every single time.

Using a combination of the CNC machinery and traditional craftsmanship your work surfaces will be cut, shaped and polished. There are many benefits to using CNC machinery. Most notably, it takes the element of human error out of the equation. Overheads are far less than they would be using conventional machinery.

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Lower costs mean that we can provide our customers with quality granite and quartz worktops, customised to meet their needs, that won’t cost a fortune. What’s more is that CNC machines allow us to create more intricate cuts and achieve a level of finish that cannot be accomplished using conventional machines. All in all, by using CNC machinery, the team at Change of Style Granite and Stone Ltd can fabricate worktops which defy all expectations.

The team at Change of Style Granite and Stone Ltd possess many years of experience in the industry. They are well-placed to offer an exemplary service whether they are manufacturing kitchen worktops for a domestic or commercial client. We are proud of our reputation for manufacturing beautiful and practical kitchen worktops that have a proven track record of excellence.

The beauty of granite is that it possesses many outstanding characteristics that make it hugely beneficial to any homeowner. Such characteristics include:

• Heat Resistant
• Hard Wearing

• Easy to Maintain
• Very Hard to Scratch

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These worktops can be manufactured in a wide range of colours and patterns, and as every piece is unique, no two kitchens will ever look the same.

Quartz, on the other hand, is a proven performer and a popular choice for kitchen worktops. It is non-porous, giving these worktops a huge advantage where there is always a risk of spillages. It is as hard as granite and easy to keep clean.

Worktops manufactured to your exact specifications

Whatever option you choose, you can rest assured that Change of Style Granite and Stone Ltd will manufacture your chosen worktops in keeping with your kitchen’s décor. Not only that, but we will also consider your available budget. Quality needn’t cost the world, so you will enjoy the benefits of gorgeous granite and quartz worktops that won’t break the bank.

As always, you can rest easy knowing that our team are on the case. All granite and quartz worktops are manufactured in-house in our purpose-built factory by our highly skilled team of professional stonemasons. We never subcontract, so we’re always able to maintain the strictest quality controls from start-to-finish. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.

Once the manufacturing process is complete and your new worktops have been fabricated, they will be checked for accuracy as well as quality. We will make certain the finished product matches the template exactly and that any discrepancies, no matter how small, are dealt with. Once these checks are complete, the worktops will be sealed.

If you would like to arrange a discussion, request a quote or some free samples, call us today on 02380 669300.