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If you’re looking to invest in the finest quartz worktops Farnborough has to offer, look no further than Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd. We’re the team to call for quality kitchen quartz worktops and a professional service carried out by experienced countertop specialists. We provide a three-step process, handling all the details of your request from start to finish. 

We possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which we leverage on every job to deliver the best possible results in the quickest time. We adopt a bespoke approach, ensuring that you receive a quality product tailored to your requirements. We bring many years of experience to the table and our impeccable understanding of what makes kitchen and bathroom quartz countertops magnificent. 

Whatever your requirements, we’ll cut, manufacture, and install your new worktops per your specifications. We use traditional skills and modern technology to deliver seamless results that exude luxury style and timeless beauty in one neat package. We handle domestic and commercial projects, so whether you’re enquiring about your home or business, we’d love to speak with you. 

If you’d like to visit our showroom, it’s now open for appointments only. And if you’d like to put any questions or concerns to us, you need only call. Our talented templaters will be more than happy to show you all the incredible options we have available for quartz worktops, Farnborough customers. And we’ll furnish you with recommendations aided by the keen design eye of our skilled team members. 

To get started, you simply need to call us on 02380 669300.

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Luxury Kitchen Quartz Worktops

When it comes to quartz worktops, Farnborough customers should take the time to research the right company. Unfortunately, not all companies are made equal, which is often apparent when purchasing kitchen quartz worktops. Sometimes, the slab you receive is thinner than promised, and these worktops are far less durable. 

Another issue is that companies often use quartz slabs with a lower natural quartz content. These slabs are prone to issues, making them a problematic long-term investment. However, when you hire the team at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, you’ll be assured of the best quality quartz worktops Farnborough has seen. 

Pictured is a granite worktop

Kitchen and bathroom quartz countertops are renowned for their strength, water resistance, and durability. But more than that, they’re renowned for their appearance – visually stunning. But what is quartz? Quartz is a man-made composite material composed of around 90%+ natural quartz and up to 10% polymers, resin, and pigments. The pigments give the slabs their colour, and the resin binds everything together. 

Always avoid anything less than 90% natural stone if you want a set of problem-free worktops. Another great quality of quartz worktops is that they are highly scratch-resistant. This is because they sit at around seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale versus a steel knife that ranks around 5-6.5. So, you won’t scratch a quartz worktop with a knife, though we recommend using a chopping board. 

You can also place down hot pans, though we recommend using a cooling rack or another suitable surface to rest your pans on. Plus, quartz is very good at resisting splashes and spillages. Throw in some upstands and splashbacks, and you won’t have any problems with water damage.

Bespoke Bathroom Quartz Countertops

Besides being the number one supplier of kitchen quartz worktops, Farnborough customers can also come to Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd for quality bathroom quartz countertops. Quartz is especially great for bathrooms where steam, condensation, and water are prevalent. 

You can use your bathroom with complete peace of mind that no splashes or spillages will end up marring the appearance of your beautiful bathroom. And as with our kitchen quartz worktops, our bathroom countertops come in various styles and colours to suit all bathrooms. In fact, we can specifically manufacture your worktops to fit your bathroom décor for the perfect finish. 

So, for the best bathroom quartz countertops in Farnborough, look no further than Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd.

Our Services   

While it might sound easy, cutting, manufacturing, and installing quartz worktops, Farnborough customers, requires an experienced hand. And the templating should ideally never be carried out by the customer. That’s why we provide a three-step process. 

To ensure that the highest standards are maintained, we carry out the following services: 


The first step is to take a digital rendering of the base units in your kitchen so that we can cut each slab to fit each unit with millimeter precision. We use cutting-edge technology during this process to ensure all measurements taken are 100% accurate. We prefer to handle this part ourselves, ensuring the measurements are correct and eliminating any costly delays. 

All we need from you before we can proceed is the following: 

  • Appliances, Sinks, and Taps On-Site  
  • Base Units Fixed in Position  
  • End Panels Attached  
  • Plastering Completed  

Once we’ve created a digital template, we’ll discuss your preferences and use this information to create a digital rendering. We’ll also complete a survey during our visit to assess the access requirements for when we eventually deliver the completed worktops. 


The next step is to manufacture your quartz worktops, Farnborough customers, a job handled by our highly trained and skilled professionals. We never subcontract our work to anyone, handling all the work in-house. This enables us to maintain tight control over quality. 

Once a digital rendering is created, this will be sent over to our manufacturing specialists, who use traditional techniques and modern technologies to cut each slab to the precise dimensions outlined in the template. In addition, we employ modern CNC machining to achieve shapes not possible with other methods. 

And once the cutting is finished, we polish each piece, removing any rough spots and dull surfaces. Finally, every piece is inspected before it’s sent for delivery. 


The last part of our three-step process is the installation of our quartz worktops. Farnborough customers can expect us to adopt a level of care and efficiency as quartz worktops can be easily damaged before installation. In fact, we make sure to hold the worktops on their side, as they cannot be held or laid flat until supported by the base units. 

The installation is carefully coordinated from start to finish, beginning with the survey we carry out during the templating process. Then, we identify any obstacles that need to be removed and the most efficient way into your property. Rest assured that our team has many years of experience installing quartz worktops, Farnborough customers. So, you can trust that you’re in safe and capable hands. 

If you would like to arrange a discussion, request a quote or some free samples, call us today on 02380 669300.

Why Choose Us?

When hiring the top supplier of quartz worktops, Farnborough customers have one logical option – Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd. Our many years of experience makes us the obvious choice, and our stellar reputation backs our experience. Many of our customers would happily attest to the impeccable services that we provide and the quality of our outstanding kitchen and bathroom worktops. 

We’re a well-established manufacturing company and are proud members of SMAS and Checkatrade. Our SMAS accreditation demonstrates our compliance with workplace safety. And through Checkatrade, you can see our many endorsements and be encouraged that you’re working with a company that operates to the highest standards. 

In addition to kitchen and bathroom worktops, we can even craft bar tops, tabletops, reception counters, and more. We offer some of the fastest industry lead times while guaranteeing a consistently high standard of workmanship. We do not doubt that you won’t find a superior service anywhere else. 

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So, if you’re looking to enlist the services of a company that specialises in cutting, crafting, and installing bathroom and kitchen quartz worktops in Farnborough, you know who to call. With unmatched attention to detail and a “can-do” attitude that’s second-to-none, we consider no job too big or small for us to handle. 

Whatever sort of kitchen or bathroom quartz countertops you’ve got your eye on, you can trust that you’ll never pay over the odds. We price our worktops and services competitively, ensuring that options are available to satisfy all requirements and budgets. So, are you ready to get in touch? 

So, to find out more about our range of granite worktops, you need only get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 02380 669300 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail, answer any questions you may have, and offer helpful advice.  

Alternatively, you can reach out via a written method by filling out our online contact form or sending an email to We will respond as soon as possible via your preferred method of contact. 

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