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Are you looking to transform your kitchen with a stunning set of kitchen worktops? Then you’re in luck as here at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we craft and fit the finest quartz worktops in Southampton. Thanks to our three-step process, you can be assured of professional results as we measure, manufacture, and fit all worktops ourselves. Our worktops bring luxury style and timeless beauty to any home, so to get started, call us on 02380 669 300.

The Finest Quartz Worktops, Southampton Has to Offer

Nothing adds the perfect finishing touch to a brand-new kitchen, quite like the right set of kitchen worktops. At Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we offer two wonderful options – granite and quartz worktops. In Southampton, homeowners can call on our team to provide a complete service, which starts with templating and ends with us fitting the worktops for you.

With more than 30 years’ experience backing us, you can count on us to provide Southampton quartz worktops of the highest quality. And when you book today, you can secure your template and installation service in time for January 2021.

Please note, however, that our showrooms are currently closed due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. As such, we won’t be accepting visitors until restrictions have been lifted. But you can still call us with any enquiries you might have concerning quartz worktops in Southampton.

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How Can Our Southampton Quartz Worktops Team Assist You?

Before we get into talking about how our quartz worktops Southampton team can help you, let’s first look at what quartz worktops actually are.

What Are Quartz Worktops?

Unlike granite, quartz worktops are actually man-made. Rather than being a piece of stone, they actually only contain around 90% stone. While counters with less than 90% stone content are available, we strongly recommend against buying these as issues are likely to develop with them. Typically, the remaining 10% is comprised of resins, polymers, and various pigments.

It’s these resins and pigments which are responsible for the vast array of colours, patterns, and styles available. In fact, quartz worktops in Southampton and in general are available in colours not found in nature. Granite, for instance, doesn’t come in white. Also, the colours of more exotic granite options can be found as quartz versions, often at half the price.

It should also be noted that, unlike granite which requires sealing, quartz worktops are non-porous by design. This makes them highly resistant to staining. They also rank higher on the Mohs hardness scale than knives, making them highly scratch-resistant. We still advise using chopping boards, however.

Our Service

Now that you have this information, let’s take a look at our service. At Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we provide an initial consultation in which we’ll carry out our FREE templating service. Templates are important during the next stage as they are from what we cut and shape your quartz worktops in Southampton. Once the consultation is concluded, you’ll be presented with a FREE, no-obligation quote.

If you choose to proceed, we’ll set about using the latest CNC machinery and tools to cut each piece in-line with the template. We can cut with a great deal of precision; in fact, CNC machinery is far more precise than more conventional approaches. Once cut, each piece will be polished and finished before being inspected for quality. If it passes this check, it’ll be delivered and installed in your home.

In summary, the benefits of our quartz worktops in Southampton are as follows:

  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Highly Customisable
  • Affordable
Our gorgeously designed quartz worktops.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list as there are simply too many variations available. If you wish to find out more about the options available, please give our team a call today on 02380 669300

Why Come to Us for Quartz Worktops in Southampton?

When it comes to quality quartz worktops, Southampton homeowners simply cannot go wrong by choosing Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, our impressive skill and workmanship has been built up over time. Today, we’re highly regarded for the exceptional products and service that we offer.

This is a fact that’s reinforced by the excellent testimonials we’ve received from past customers. Such kind words should serve to back up our statement of having provided Southampton quartz worktops of the highest quality for many years. As a company, we continue to go from strength-to-strength. We offer sound advice and a transparent pricing structure with no hidden charges to worry about.

And for the price you’re quoted, you can choose from all the bells and whistles, including finishes, edges, sinks, upstands, and splash backs. And if you prefer something different, we stock granite options for you to consider too. No wonder we’re considered by many people to be the go-to company for kitchen worktops.

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To make further enquiries concerning quartz worktops in Southampton, call Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd today on 02380 669 300. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at or fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

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