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Do you want to renovate your worktops? Are you unsure of what kinds of worktops will best suit your home? If that’s the case, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. At Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we are the experts when it comes to worktops. Southampton residents, get in touch with us right away and receive a free quote along with a free sample of the worktop of your choice.  

All you have to do is call us now on 02380 669300 or send us an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

The Best Bespoke Worktops Southampton Residents Can Get 

Here at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we have over three decades of expertise in the industry. We specialise in the manufacturing and installation of quartz  and granite worktops. All of our worktops are obtained from reputable sources, so you’ll be relieved to learn that when you deal with our company, you’ll get worktops in Southampton that are high in quality and long-lasting.  

We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to create something magnificent and one-of-a-kind. From bespoke quartz countertops to durable granite worktops, we can do it all. Due to the numerous variances and options we have available, our worktops, Southampton customers, can be completely customised. We can handle a dramatic and eye-catching design if that is what you desire. Or, if you want, our staff can produce a more delicate and traditional look.  

Not only are our staff members experts in designing stunning worktops that ooze refinement and opulence, but they are also professional installers. So, no matter what type or style of Southampton worktops you choose, our experts will ensure that your new worktops are exactly fitted to match your space, preventing unattractive gaps and costly resource loss. 

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The Wide Range of Worktops We Offer 

When looking for worktops in Southampton, it’s always best to go with the most reputable firm in the industry. Worktops are available from Change Of Style Granite & Stone, Southampton’s premier supplier. We have a solid reputation for providing excellent service and excellent outcomes at a reasonable cost. This is only one of many reasons why we should be your sole option. 


The other reason is the wide range of worktops we offer. Regardless of your needs, you’ll want a beautiful set of worktops to complete your home, and that’s exactly what we deliver for our customers. While we can customise the form or style of your worktop, we can also offer a variety of materials, including quartz and granite, both of which have several designs and colour possibilities. 


Both alternatives are distinct and deserving of attention. Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd provides Southampton worktops that set the benchmark for excellence, whether you’re revamping your kitchen or replacing your existing counters. To know more about our quartz and granite worktops, please keep on reading.  

Quartz Worktops Littlehampton

Quartz Worktops 

When obtaining a quartz worktop, it is critical to work with a reputable vendor that can provide a customised, high quality product. Many people come to Change of Style Granite & Stone when they are looking for quartz worktops. We’ve gathered tremendous experience and an unrivalled understanding of quartz as a material throughout the years. Clients in Southampton will receive a personalised service that will result in a worktop that meets all of their needs. 

We employ cutting–edge technology to carve the quartz into the raw slab, and it’s from there that our quartz experts shine. They polish and sharpen the raw slab’s shape into the shiny and beautiful Southampton worktops we’ll install by hand. Some of the strategies used by our team can’t be duplicated by any machine or by any other expert; our procedure is one-of-a-kind.  

Some of the various options available for your quartz worktops in Southampton at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd include the following: 

  • Miami White  
  • Snowy Ibiza  
  • Eternal Serena  
  • Blanco Zeus Extreme  
  • Marengo  
  • Ariel 


Granite Worktops 

Our granite worktops in Southampton are extremely scratch resistant and will last for years without deteriorating in appearance. No current machine can match the lovely finishing touches and detailed embellishments we’ll include. Our skilled artisans can make the distinction between something conventional and something amazing. 

Granite is an igneous rock that forms when lava cools slowly. Granite, a composite substance made up of quartz, feldspar, mica, amphiboles, and other minerals forms a crystalline structure. Granite’s various colours and tints are due to specific mineral composition. Because granite is a natural product, it comes in a variety of colours and patterns, and no two worktops are alike. Each one is unique and highly appealing due to inclines and valuable minerals inside the granite itself. 

Regardless of how varied they are, the granite will have some characteristics, such as tint or colour, based on where it is mined and removed from. The following are some samples of granite that we can provide: 

  • Emerald Pearl 
  • River Valley White 
  • Blue Pearl 
  • New Venetian Gold 
  • Black Galaxy 
  • And More!


Our Three Step Process 

The first step is to call us and tell us that you’d want to begin the process of getting new Southampton worktops. Then, our experts will be able to schedule you for a free, no-obligation assessment and quote. When we’re in a meeting with you, you will be able to ask us any questions you have regarding our worktops and the procedure, including design alternatives and our suggestions if you wish.  

Here at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, we have a distinctive three-step installation process. No matter the material you choose for your worktops, Southampton residents, the installation process is the same. The three steps are:  

In most cases, the time it takes from our extensive and complete templating service to final fitting is almost seven days. This means that after you get in touch with us, we can have your new Southampton worktops ready for you to use in just one whole week. To learn more about each of the third steps we go through to finalise your worktop installation, keep on reading.  

Digital Templating

In order to make sure that your worktops are custom-made to match your kitchen perfectly and to avoid any inconvenient gaps or unnecessary waste, which may be pricey, we start our worktops process with digital templating. This is likely the most crucial step, as the first determines the success of the final two steps.  

During the digital templating step, we will come to your home to examine your kitchen and obtain the exact dimensions of your kitchen components. Before we can take any measurements, these base components must be levelled to within 3 mm of their final placement. Other requirements must be completed in order for our templates to work, such as: 

  • Any plastering work must be finished. 
  • Any temporary worktops should have been removed if they have been placed. 
  • Any end panels must be connected. 
  • All appliances, sinks, and faucets must be on site. 

 After we’ve gathered these measurements, we’ll get down with you to go through material and design alternatives before entering the information into our digital templating programme. This programme will develop a design for your worktops that will demonstrate how your kitchen will appear when it’s done. If you decide to proceed with our service at this time, we will proceed to the second step, which is manufacturing. 



Manufacturing is the second step in our procedure, and we have a solid reputation for manufacturing the highest quality granite and quartz worktops Southampton residents have ever seen. CNC equipment and traditional artistry are used to create all granite and quartz worktops. We can cut, shape, and polish any worktops with great precision using these technologies, providing a professional touch every time. Using CNC machinery has several advantages. Most importantly, it eliminates the possibility of human error. Also, operating costs are far lower than they would be with traditional machinery. 

After we’ve finished the manufacturing process, we’ll inspect your Southampton worktops for quality and accuracy to the design. We will make absolutely sure your new worktops perfectly follow the template specifications, and any differences will be addressed. After we’ve checked that your surfaces satisfy all of the requirements, they’ll be sealed and ready to install. 

We can complete this process quickly and efficiently as we have years of expertise and have mastered the manufacturing process of worktops. Southampton customers, we’ll have your completed worktops ready to be installed in no time, and they’ll all be of the best quality and will completely meet your specifications. 



The third and final step of our installation process is the fitting phase. We understand that your worktops are a significant investment and should be handled with care and caution. However, our staff has a lot of expertise and will take great care of your new worktops. Southampton customers, we will be at your doorstep to fit and install your worktops at the date that we have specified after the manufacturing process.  

We’ll devise a strategy for installing your worktops, taking into consideration entry points and any stairways we’ll have to negotiate. For example, if you have a designated driveway or hard stand-in outside your home where our car can park, it makes things a lot easier and more secure. Also, granite and quartz stones cannot withstand a lot of transverse shear force. Therefore they can’t be set or hauled flat unless your kitchen units are adequately supported.  

However, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will know exactly what to do as we are experts in our field. We will install your new worktops, Southampton customers, with care and precision, guaranteeing that you obtain a high quality product that will endure. 

Finishes, Edges, And Sinks 

After we’ve completed the installation process of your new worktops Southampton customers, you can then choose the final touches to complete your new kitchen look. There are mainly three types of finishes for you to choose from when it comes to finishes. The first one is the polished finish which is the most preferred one due to its high gloss lustre and richer tones. The second is the honed finish which has a softer texture and a matte finish. The antique finish is the last type, and it has a distinctive ornamental quality.  

In terms of edges, we provide a wide variety of profiles for our worktops, including chamfer, pencil rounded, ogee, and more. And finally, the last finishing touches you can add are the sinks. They come in four primary sink categories: inset sinks, undermount sinks, Belfast/Butler sinks, and Silestone Integrity One & Duo sinks.  


Care and Cleaning of Your Worktops 

Worktops are the main element in a kitchen; it is the space where you mainly cook. As a result, they easily get dirty and so it is very important to properly clean them without leaving any stains. Cooking oil, lemon juice, alcohol, beetroot, and food colouring are just some of the few items that might leave stains on your worktops. We use a unique sealant on the granite worktops; however, anything acidic left on for an extended amount of time might harm your worktops. 

Cleaning on a daily basis just necessitates the use of a light detergent or paper towel and a soft cloth. Stubborn markings can be readily erased by washing the area clean with water first, then applying Cif or another suitable cleaning agent. After cleaning, rinsing with water and buffing with a soft dry cloth is recommended. Dry-on food can be scraped off with a piece of a wire brush, and the cleaning method described above is repeated. 

Upstands and Splash backs  

Upstands work well in both modern and classic kitchens, creating a magnificent aspect while staying functional. Granite or quartz are the most common materials for upstands since they have minimal maintenance and aesthetically beautiful features. Upstands are utilised to provide a wipe-clean border around the perimeter of the kitchen wall. Its purpose is to conceal the gap between the worktop’s end and the wall, as well as any misalignment between the worktop and the wall.  

Moreover, splash backs can also improve the look of your kitchen while also making it easier to maintain. They come in a variety of colours, patterns, and styles to give your kitchen a unique look. They can be used in conjunction with upstands or on their own in the kitchen. Furthermore, they come in 1200mm heights, allowing you to cover the whole kitchen wall for improved hygiene and upkeep. 



No one tells the truth about our worktops like our previous clients. Check out our testimonials page to hear feedback from customers who have previously purchased our bespoke worktops in Southampton. If you have any further questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via one of the methods listed below. 



Why not have a look at our stunning worktops for yourself instead of simply reading about them? We have a gallery page that features a selection of photographs from recent projects that highlight some of our greatest work. The images on there demonstrate what you may anticipate when you choose our Southampton worktops.  

Our Professional Team 

We understand that when it comes to new worktops, Southampton customers, making the proper decision might be difficult. Luckily, our professional team is here to talk about your ideas, offer advice and suggestions, and deliver free samples. They’ll give you their honest opinion, assist you in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each type of worktop, and offer you a custom price for your worktops in Southampton.  

From the minute you contact us to the minute the installation process is finalised, our professional team will be with you every step of the way. You can depend on them to complete the job, no matter how big or small it is, to the highest of standards. They’re also very fast and efficient, so you don’t have to worry about them taking a long time to finish their work, and they’ll also make sure to leave the place spotless before they leave.  

Over the years, due to our team’s devotion to offering high quality services and exquisite products, we’ve developed a loyal customer base, with many of them going on to strongly suggest us to friends and family searching for new worktops in Southampton. 


Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Worktops Southampton Clients  

Worktops that aren’t up to standard are a huge waste of space in the kitchen. This is where we at Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd come in; we’ll make sure you receive the finest of the best and that your entire area is dynamic, optimised, and appealing. Our focus is on producing high quality worktops Southampton guests will feel jealous of.  

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we’re confident that we’re the to-go-to company for all of your worktop needs. At Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd, there is no job that is too simple or too complicated for us. No matter the size of your project, we’re dedicated to offering a quick and professional service.  

We’ve gone from strength to strength throughout the years, always improving the quality of our services. As a result, we have earned accreditations and affiliations from prominent industry organisations. We’re happy to be members of SMAS, an organisation that promotes workplace health and safety, and Checkatrade, an organisation that values reputation. These affiliations demonstrate that Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd not only prioritises safe work procedures but also has a solid reputation in the field. 


If you are curious as to what your final product would end up looking like, please take a look at our gallery page. We have posted pictures of many previous projects we have undertaken, all for your viewing pleasure. 

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Are you renovating your kitchen or simply seeking to replace your old worktops with something modern and sophisticated? Then look no further than Change of Style Granite & Stone Ltd. From manufacturing to fitting worktops, Southampton clients, our services are a low-cost solution that encompasses everything.  

To learn more about our worktops in Southampton, give us a call on 02380 669300 to talk with a member of our highly skilled staff. Alternatively, you can send us an email to or fill out our online contact form with all of your questions, and we will respond shortly after.